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Last updated 15 Nov 2022

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In 2022, IPAF President Karin Nars launched the 'Women in Powered Access' initiative, inviting women of all ages and different professional roles to share their stories of inclusivity. The initiative includes a number of key actions, including providing a platform to tell the stories of women in powered access in both the media and at industry events. IPAF will also use its own print, web and social media platforms to share these inspirational case studies and will also continue to invite prominent women speakers to present at IPAF events. IPAF will share a series of case studies at  www.ipaf.org/casestudy to communicate the opportunities our industry offers women. 

Adele Coupe
Training Manager, Certora Training, UK

What is your role in powered access? Training Manager for Certora Training. I am also currently enjoying my second term on the IPAF Training Committee. Adele Coupe - WiPA

How did you come into this industry, and what attracted you to it? I recently celebrated 22 years in the industry. I first got involved in June 2000, working for a  Manchester company selling IPAF training. I moved to Derbyshire in 2002 after meeting my husband – incidentally, we met when I sold him some IPAF training and the rest, as they say, is history!

Following this relocation, I joined Mentor in 2010 (now Certora Training) as a Training Coordinator and quickly became Access Equipment Account Manager, responsible for expanding IPAF sales and developing this side of the business.

I have since become the Training Manager and part of my role includes arranging standardisation meetings for instructors, measuring the quality performance of our services, and ensuring the business is up to date with industry changes.

It’s fantastic that IPAF are encouraging more women to join what is still a predominantly male-dominated industry, I am proud to be involved.

What do you find inspiring about your role? Making a real impact with my work and helping others. I’ve been an ambassador for training for a long time, coupled with a passion for safety in the industry and this greatly inspires me. I’ve been lucky enough to work with inspirational people at Certora Training, who continue to encourage and support me to achieve my goals.

Where do you see yourself in five years, and what do you want to achieve? I hope to continue to make a difference and contribute towards helping people get home safely after working at height.

What one piece of advice would you give to other women in/thinking of entering the industry? Try to overcome any obstacles and ignore people’s perceptions of you. These have been my biggest motivator.