Safe Use of MEWPs in Public Areas

Safe Use of MEWPs in Public Areas EN
Added 10 Mar 2022
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The use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) to provide an effective means of access to work at height is constantly increasing worldwide as the productivity and safety benefits are recognised by businesses and employers. Long used in a managed and controlled environment for construction tasks, MEWPs are now recognised as the preferred means of access across all industry sectors for individuals and contractors responsible for undertaking work at height tasks.

Many commercial premises, warehouses and other businesses successfully manage the safety of their employees and the contractors who work or visit their sites. However, an increasing number of MEWPs are being used in areas where members of the public might be present, which is more challenging to control, ie not always segregated from unrelated work activities, vehicular traffic and the general public. 

This document is intended to:

  • Highlight the relevant hazards and associated risks when a MEWP is to be used in public areas, which are often more challenging to control than other work sites.
  • Identify measures that can be implemented to eliminate or reduce the risk of an incident or injury when using a MEWP in locations where public and/or vehicles are not prohibited, ie not on fixed construction sites or defined commercial premises.

Ref: TE-1095-0222-1-en-GB