Inspecting a MEWP
Added 13 Apr 2018
Last updated 13 Apr 2018

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Is your equipment legal and safe to use?

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are one of the safest ways to perform temporary work at height.

Keep your equipment safe through good maintenance regimes ranging from pre-use checks, to regular thorough examinations as required by law, to major inspections.
Guidance and resources on this subject include:



IPAF Inspection Demo (Vertikal Days 2014)

Pre-start inspection: Boom lift

Pre-start inspection: Vertical lift

Inspection key tags

A handy reminder of points to cover for pre-use and workplace inspections. Small quantities are available free from IPAF:

IPAF Operators’ Safety Guide

A pocket-size booklet that sets out recommended good practices for the safe operation of MEWPs, which is given out to all those who successfully complete IPAF training.

Competent Assessed Persons (CAP) programme

An assessment programme targeted at experienced engineers which allows them to be certified as competent persons to plan, manage or carry out inspections/thorough examinations of MEWPs in line with relevant legislation.

IPAF Pre-Delivery Inspection course (PDI)

IPAF’s one-day pre-delivery inspection (PDI) course for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) equips service technicians with a rounded approach to an all-important subject.