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Since IPAF began analysing accident data in 2012, falls from the platform have been the most common cause of injury and death when using mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).

From 2012 to 2022, there were 239 reports of falls from the platform in 20 countries, resulting in 132 deaths. IPAF’s Don’t Fall For It! safety campaign identifies key causes of falls from the platform, and provides advice about how to avoid associated hazards.

IPAF’s Don’t Fall For It! safety campaign identifies key causes of falls from the platform, and provides advice about how to avoid associated hazards.

To reduce the risk of falling from the platform, always:

Plan thoroughly – Conduct a proper MEWP site survey/risk assessment, select the correct machine for the work and use trained operators, supervisors and managers.

Know your machine – Operators should be trained on the machine type they are using and familiarised on the specific model. Operators should assess if the machine is suitable for the task and conditions, and adequate in terms of reach, articulation and load-bearing capacity. Machine knowledge includes whether personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) should be used and, if so, what type, and how to attach it.

Clip On! – If PFPE is required, all occupants of the platform must attach their lanyards to the correct anchor point. Ensure occupants’ movement within the platform is possible while their lanyards are attached, and do not move the machine or elevate the platform until, and unless, all occupants’ lanyards are attached.

Set-up and manoeuvre the machine/platform effectively – Occupants should never need to overreach, unfasten PFPE, step on or climb on guardrails, or otherwise extend the safe working envelope of the platform.

Ensure vertical type MEWPs are well-positioned and repositioned as necessary throughout the job, to allow easy access to the area of work to be undertaken.

Stay inside the platform with lanyard(s) attached – The guardrails of the platform are the primary fall prevention method and define the operational envelope of the machine being used. Stay inside the platform at all times. Where there is a requirement for PFPE, occupants must wear it. Do not exit the platform at height; unclip/exit only on completion of work when the machine is safely lowered to the ground.


IPAF offers guidance on using powered access equipment safely and effectively and to minimise risks by planning ahead, training operators, supervisors and managers, and by adhering to safe working practices.