Powered Access Licence (PAL) Ownership Policy

Powered Access Licences are available digitally on the ePAL app and physically as a PAL Card. These will be referred to as Licences for the purposes of this document and the points below apply to both versions unless otherwise stated.

  • At all times, each Licence remains the property of IPAF, without limit in time.
  • The Licence is evidence that a person is qualified to operate the equipment stated on the licence and should not be withheld without good reason.
  • IPAF recommends that the individual operator retains their Licence for production upon request, machine access control and site access.
  • Any PAL Card which is retained by the operator's employer (or any third party) must be immediately returned to IPAF upon demand by IPAF.
  • Where a PAL Card is retained by an IPAF Member, IPAF may require the PAL Card be returned to IPAF immediately upon request. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary procedures for the IPAF Member.
  • IPAF reserves the right to release Licences to the operator named on the Licence at their discretion.
  • IPAF reserves the right to cancel any Licence where there is sufficient evidence that the holder has committed a dangerous or illegal act related to the operation of powered access equipment.
  • Any Licence which appears, at the absolute discretion of IPAF, to be photocopied, counterfeit, illegible, damaged, or in any other way tampered with or affected, shall be invalid for all purposes and will be retained by IPAF.
  • Any person or organisation found to be counterfeiting a Licence will be subject to IPAF disciplinary procedures and reported to the relevant authorities.
  • Any lost or stolen PAL Card which is subsequently found must be returned to IPAF at Moss End Business Village, Crooklands, Cumbria LA7 7NU, United Kingdom.