IPAF launching updated MEWPs for Managers course in eLearning

Warehouse scenario from the new IPAF MEWPs for Managers training course

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is launching an evolved version of its globally recognised MEWPs for Managers training. The course is aimed at those who plan, supervise or manage temporary work at height using powered access and for the first time it will be available as a standalone eLearning version.

Paul Roddis, Training Manager at IPAF, comments: “MEWPs for Managers has received a much-awaited upgrade and is also available as eLearning for the first time. This will make it very convenient for project planners, site managers and supervisors to fit this essential training into their busy schedules.

“The updated course has been completely overhauled to make it easier to directly apply the learning in the real world. The redesigned course considers the whole process of MEWP management, from selecting the right machine, properly training the appropriate operators and providing the right protections, through securing the MEWPs to organising safe delivery and collection of the plant to and from work sites. It’s very comprehensive.

“The course is engaging, challenging and rewarding and is a must for all persons who plan, supervise, manage or control the use of MEWPs in the workplace. It now utilises interactive 360-degree graphics and virtual scenarios that contextualise specific hazards and requires candidates to put various pieces of risk assessment and technical and safety guidance together to identify and control identified risks.

“We are confident that the updated course, whether in the eLearning version or the tutor-led modules, promotes higher-order thinking skills and will aid retention of learning. The course is currently being rolled out in English-speaking IPAF territories including the UK & Ireland, North America and the Middle East, while work continues apace to complete translations into all official IPAF training languages. The course will also be released in German, and other languages, during 2019.”

The eLearning version of the IPAF MEWPs for Managers course enables candidates to undertake the tuition in convenient sections and pass the online course at a time and place of their choosing, on compatible PCs and tablet devices. It utilises sophisticated facial recognition across the online training and evaluation session to ensure the candidate’s identity and to prevent any attempt to obtain the qualification through fraudulent means.

Tim Whiteman, CEO & MD of IPAF, comments: “IPAF is pleased to promote this superb iteration of a key plank of our training programme, available for the first time in eLearning. This represents a major evolution of the existing course and it will no doubt be of huge benefit to those who plan and oversee MEWP operations.

“IPAF’s 2018-19 global campaign is all about planning ahead for safety when using MEWPs and MCWPs, so this major training upgrade will certainly help underpin those messages and offer invaluable support to those in the workplace who really need it.

“It’s also great to see IPAF’s new generation learning tools take another big step forward, with the immersive 360-degree videos, enhanced interactive graphics and the use of facial recognition to help secure the training programme against fraud all pointing the way to an exciting future!”

IPAF’s MEWPs for Managers course is essential for managers, supervisors and those planning MEWP operations around the world. It can aid compliance with the requirement for manager and supervisor training in the recently published updated ANSI A92 suite of standards in the US, and has been recognised as an important qualification for managers at all levels by the UK HSE. To find an IPAF-approved Training Centre near you, please visit www.ipaf.org/training

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