IPAF Trainee in a MEWP

Why provide training

IPAF training is in demand and is good business for you. You can earn additional revenue and set the course fees for the training you provide.

Help improve safety in the workplace. Most legislation, covering health and safety obligations, accident prevention and work at height regulations, require employers to provide proper and adequate training in the use of work equipment.

Provide better service to your customers by enabling their platform operators to work more efficiently, safely and productively.

How the programme works

The IPAF training programme for operators of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) has been certified by TÜV as conforming to ISO 18878. This helps you deliver top-quality training on a consistent basis to meet industrial needs and safety requirements.

Your instructors, facilities and equipment will be audited to meet the IPAF criteria. Meeting these requirements assures your customers that the training you provide is of the highest standard.

Class sizes are kept small and courses are usually completed within one or two days, depending on the type of equipment. Course content includes both theory and practice, with a written and a practical test.

You will be supplied a full set of training material, including operations manual, safety guide and log book—all available in English and many other languages. You will also receive regular updates of training material.

Course participants you successfully train are awarded the PAL Card (Powered Access Licence), recognised across all industries as proof of the highest quality training for platform operators.

How to apply

You will first need to become an IPAF member and meet the basic training facility requirements.

Complete the training centre application form and enclose the relevant deposit fee.

Send your application to IPAF, which will conduct an inspection of the potential training centre.

After positive assessment and signing of the training centre contract, you will receive all material (e.g. brass plaque, certificate, manual, etc.) needed to operate as an IPAF-approved training centre. You must ensure that you have an IPAF-approved instructor.

As a training centre, you will set the price of training courses. Your running costs are limited to the registration fee for each PAL Card and the Operators’ Safety Guide that you must supply each course participant. OSGs can be supplied in your corporate colours.

Contact IPAF for a training centre brochure and application form.