IPAF 的会员资格包括获得一系列的服务福利和特别优惠,详情如下。如果您有与您的产品或服务相关的独家报价拟与IPAF会员分享,请联系 marketing@ipaf.org(请注意,您必须是 IPAF 会员)。

Access International

IPAF members get a free subscription to our official magazine, Access International.

IPAF Rental Reports

IPAF members have the opportunity to contribute to and obtain research reports on the rental sector at a discounted rate.

Translation Services

Translateplus offers a wide range of translation services and online tools. IPAF members receive an introductory 5% discount for the first month. Contact: contact@translateplus.com or visit www.translateplus.com quoting IPAF5%TP as the discount code.

Construction News

IPAF members get a 20% discount off subscriptions to the UK weekly magazine Construction News, giving them a saving of over £40 off the news stand price.

Legal Consulting Service

Members can turn to a legal and technical service offered by Italy-based Lext Consulting. The question-and-answer service exclusively for IPAF members covers straightforward legal and technical matters with regards to safety at work in Italy.

Business Information

The Business Information Service from the Institute of Directors (IoD) is free to all IPAF members and offers up to 30 minutes of desk research by experienced professionals on any subject related to business.


Henderson Insurance Brokers provide IPAF members in the UK with market-leading cover at reduced premiums.

Rental Management Software

IPAF members can get a 10% discount on rental management software from inspHire.

请注意,IPAF 会员服务福利和特别优惠可能无法在所有国家和/或所有语言中提供。它们也可能随时被取消或无法使用,恕不另行通知。