Data Protection

Data Protection of Operator and Instructor Information 

Data protection and privacy are important to IPAF. Trainee names and personal information obtained during training sessions are used for the purposes of training administration, e.g. card processing, verifications, renewals and audits.

Training centres that input data have access to the data they have entered via a password-protected login system. They do not have access to data input by other training centres.

The only other organisation with access to the data is IPAF, which uses the data to check the validity of PAL Cards, and if necessary, to contact the PAL Card holder to update him or her of matters relating to the continued use of the PAL Card. Under no circumstances is the data sold or made available for use by other entities. 

As a company limited by guarantee based in the UK, IPAF is regulated by and conforms to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. All IPAF staff sign confidentiality agreements. Data protection policies and practices are outlined in the company handbook.