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IPAF Members can benefit from a 15% discount on Proactively, a mobile reporting system that is easy to use, flexible and reliable system that helps you work more effectively. The system assists you to manage quality, health, safety and environmental risks, giving you better control without the need for extra paperwork. You or your company can use the mobile app to carry out inspections, report machine defects and more. It is quick and easy to use and even works when there is no network coverage. 

All the information on the app is submitted in real-time onto the dashboard, which helps you track performance and aids you make the right decisions in order to stay safe and compliant. 

The web portal for data management is available in English and German and the mobile app for reporting is available in English, French and German but can be extended into other languages on request.

Steve Howe, Plant Manager “We needed a simple system that encourages people to get involved in and thinking more about EHS when it is not their main activity”

Key features

  • Mobile forms allow you to take photos, add signatures, encrypted questions for privacy
  • Ability to create PDF's
  • Includes Covid controls
  • Feedback within the App
  • Review reports and assign and track actions to make sure things get done
  • Dashboard to monitor performance, track trends and see the progress of KPIs

How can Proactively meet your business needs?

  • It helps you work efficiently and safely with automated workflows. 
  • Collects real-time information for better decision making.
  • Data is secure and easy to find when you need it.
  • Quick and easy to get started, no installation needed
  • Use it to keep your people and customers safe
  • Flexibility to add questions to the App yourself to collect the data you need

To redeem your IPAF member 15% discount, please email for your discount code. 

For more information and a demo to see how Proactively can help you work safer and more efficiently visit or contact

IPAF Members are also invited to Proactively's free webinars, to view future events go to:

 Alison Hinde, CEO, Proactively "Our mobile App helps get the job done properly and safely without paperwork”