Avoiding Trapping/Crushing Injuries: Best Practice Guidance for MEWPs

Trapping/Crushing Injuries to People in the Platform
Added 1 Jan 2018
Last updated 16 May 2019

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The Best Practice Guidance for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) was released in July 2010 by the UK-based Strategic Forum for Construction Plant Safety Group with the aim of avoiding trapping or crushing incidents when these machines are used in confined overhead spaces.

The guidance is divided into two parts. Part 1 is aimed at planners, managers and instructors. It covers hazards, risk assessment, controls and responsibilities. The annexes to Part 1 give detailed information that can assist in the identification of trapping risks and in the planning and managing of work activities to protect against trapping incidents. Part 2 is aimed at those using and supervising MEWPs and those responsible for rescuing anyone trapped on a MEWP platform. Part 2 has been designed to be used in briefings or toolbox talks for supervisors and MEWP operators.

The document contains references to UK legislation and is not intended to be complete guidance on all aspects of MEWP operation. Operators of MEWPs must at all times be properly trained and familiarised.