Clunk Click: The campaign for lives

Clunk Click Harness DVD

What is Clunk Click?

Clunk Click is a worldwide campaign calling for all users of boom type platforms to wear a full body harness with a short restraint lanyard attached to a suitable anchor point.

The campaign started as a grassroots initiative by the UK Powered Access Interest Group (PAIG), a joint committee of the Construction Plant-hire Association and IPAF. Major rental companies took the initiative because unnecessary fatal accidents were happening when users were catapulted out of boom platforms because they were not wearing harnesses.

IPAF launched international versions of Clunk Click at bauma, including the German "Click Clack", the Italian "Clic Clac" and the North American "Click It". The campaign has the support of the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE), the UK Contractors Group (UKCG), the Hire Association of Europe (HAE) and the German Association of Construction Equipment Engineers (VDBUM).

How can I support Clunk Click?

If you or your employees are using boom type platforms, get some stickers and put them on the relevant machines. You could save a life.

If your company would like to sponsor the printing of stickers or posters, please talk to IPAF, Tel: +44 (0)15395 66700 or E-mail:

How can I get Clunk Click stickers?

Small quantities can be obtained free by e-mailing

I would like to promote Clunk Click in my company literature. How can I get Clunk Click artwork?

You can download artwork here.

Where can I find more information about the use of harnesses?

IPAF technical guidance note H1 is available here.

See also our leaflet on the catapult effect.

How can I get trained on correct harness use?

Several IPAF-approved training centres offer harness courses. Click here to find your nearest training centre. – International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)