Andy Access

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Contractors, end-users and rental companies are urged to download free poster artwork and toolbox talk guidance (selected poster topics only), for use in their daily operations, as part of IPAF’s Andy Access campaign promoting the safe use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs).

Simple posters featuring the characters Andy Access and Hugh Hazard form the basis of this campaign. Each poster illustrates a specific safety message on how to use MEWPs correctly.

The Andy Access posters have originated as a means of communicating the valuable learning outcomes identified from the IPAF accident reporting project, and as a means of reinforcing the key messages covered in IPAF’s training programmes.

Keep well clear, Ref. A15 UK

Do not jump out of the platform, Ref. A14 UK

Register Pre-owned Machines, Ref. A13 UK

Overhead obstructions, Ref. A12 UK

Keep clear of overhead cables, Ref. A11 UK

Prevent unauthorised use, Ref. A10 UK

Don't use a MEWP as a crane, Ref. A9 UK

Never attach banners to scissor lifts, Ref. A8 UK

Caution when loading and unloading, Ref. A7 UK

Unsafe ground, Ref. A6 UK

Beware of falling objects, Ref. A5 UK

Rescue plan, Ref. A4 UK

Pre-use inspection, Ref. A3 UK

Know your machine, Ref. A2 UK

Attach your lanyard, Ref. A1 UK – International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)