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IPAF Rental Reports

“These reports are an invaluable tool and an extremely useful resource for us when planning fleet investments and monitoring how we stack up against our competitors.” Peter Douglas, UK Operations Director, Nationwide Platforms

See news story: Worldwide MEWP rental fleet grows by 4%

How do fluctuations in the economy affect the MEWP rental market? What is the impact of regulations on equipment purchasing decisions?

IPAF has commissioned Ducker Research to produce the IPAF European Powered Access Rental Market Report 2016 and the IPAF US Powered Access Rental Market Report 2016.

The reports:
•    Evaluate the size of the MEWP rental market overall and by country, and analyse this in detail
•    Provide an understanding of trends and dynamics in the MEWP rental market overall and by country
•    Provide an estimate of the worldwide MEWP rental fleet size
•    Include an update on the Chinese MEWP rental market

The reports feature useful and valuable information – the result of approximately 125 qualitative interviews conducted with senior managers from rental companies, but also manufacturers and country-specific experts.

Simply fill out the order form and fax back.

Those who order five or more copies of either report will get a 50% discount.

Reports published 2016

The following list of contents illustrates the scope of data covered in both the US and European reports. The reports include an estimate of the size of the MEWP rental fleet worldwide, with a breakdown by region and machine type. The US report includes Canada. The European report includes seven individual country/regional sections: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Nordic/Scandinavian countries (covering Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden), Spain and the UK.

Market Size
• Market Value
• Company Specialisation and Size
• Re-Rental / Cross-Hire
• Activities outside AWP Rental
• Market Size in Units
• Applications

Market Dynamics
• Market Value Growth
• Market Size in Units
• Revenue per Unit

• By Company Type
• By Country
• Rental Inventory

Operational Aspects
• Market Variables
• Time Utilisation Rate
• Age of Fleet / Average Retention Period
• Rental Rates

Market Trends and Drivers
• Market Maturity
• Country Population Penetration
• GDP per Capita
• Construction

Reports published 2015

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