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IPAF’s key areas of work are led by specialist committees of volunteers that meet regularly during the year. Committee membership is open to IPAF members in the relevant category, e.g. manufacturer members of IPAF are entitled to take part in the meetings of the Manufacturers’ Technical Committee.

Minutes of committee meetings can be accessed by all members at the members only section of 

Manufacturers’ Technical Committee

This committee concentrates on all technical and safety matters relating to platform design and manufacture. The committee monitors changing legislation and technical standards, disseminates information and lobbies on matters of relevance to manufacturers. Members receive regular updates on changes to legislation in Europe and North America.

Vehicle Mounted Manufacturers’ Technical Committee

This committee allows interested manufacturers of static boom (1b) category machines to consolidate ideas and address key topics relevant to them.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms (International) Committee
Incorporating the UK & Ireland MCWP Work Group

This committee deals with all matters specific to mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs). The focus is on best practice for installation, maintenance, thorough examination and safe use of MCWPs.

Training Committee

This committee spearheads the IPAF training programme, provided through a growing number of approved training centres around the world. Topics covered include course content, training material and training centre requirements.

International Training Advisory Group

This group discusses issues faced by IPAF’s international training centres and makes recommendations to ensure the consistency and unity of policies and systems behind IPAF training and the PAL Card.

IPAF Rental+ Committee

This committee promotes and regulates the IPAF Rental+ quality mark. The IPAF Rental+ sign is awarded to rental companies who have been audited to meet defined standards in customer service, safety, staff training, contract terms and machine inspection.

Strategic Forum Plant Safety Group (SFPSG) -- MEWP Safety Group

This group, formerly the IPAF UK MEWP Safety Forum, examines safety and technical issues of specific interest for UK-based contractors, rental companies and health & safety managers.

Country Councils

IPAF country and regional councils look at country-specific themes and issues, and make recommendations to the IPAF Council for further discussion and action. They also organise national and regional activities that underpin and promote the safe use of powered access.

Current country and regional councils:
Brazilian Country Council
India Country Council
Irish Council
Italian Country Council
Middle East Regional Council
Netherlands Country Council
North American Regional Council
Portuguese Country Council
Singapore Country Council
Spanish Country Council
Swiss Country Council
UK Country Council

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